Completely Private

The only information that is ever stored are the energy, physical fitness, body confidence and mood scores for each week. This data is recorded against a unique identifier, which means that a person’s real name is not attached to the scores.

Non-Apple Watch Owners

For anyone without an Apple Watch, I have put together an online form that you can fill in to generate a summary.

Apple Watch Owners

First, make sure your Apple Watch is up-to-date, to do so open the Watch app > General > Software Update.

If you have the initial version of the shortcuts below, you will need to delete the old versions first. Open the Shortcuts app, tap Edit, then select all the existing shortcuts and tap the trash can to delete them.

Currently, it is not possible to install multiple shortcuts at once. On your iPhone, tap on the following links to install them individually:

  1. Active & Resting Energy
  2. Walking + Running Distance
  3. Body Weight
  4. Peak & Resting Heart Rates
  5. Splat Points Earned
  6. Week Summary
  7. OTF Challenge Week Selector


Splat Points Earned

When installing the Splat Points Earned shortcut you will be prompted for your OTF credentials. Your username will be the email address that receives OTF workout summaries. If reset recently your password could be “Orange19”, otherwise Sam will be happy to help you.

Health Data Prompts

The first time you run each shortcut you will be prompted multiple times for access to health data. Simply tap ‘Turn All Categories On’ and then tap Allow (top right corner).

No Need to Edit

Tapping the ellipsis on a shortcut will allow you to edit it. You will only need to do this if you are updating your username and password in the Splat Points Earned shortcut, all other shortcuts do not need to be edited.

Body Weight

If you do not have geeky Wi-Fi enabled scales, you can manually enter your weight into the Health app. Simply open the Health app > Health Data tab > Body Measurements > Weight > + (top right corner). Note: when generating summaries you can choose to omit weight data.

OTF Challenge Week Selector

This shortcut enables all the other shortcuts to function properly and you do not need to tap on it.